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Scots Catholic - Calling Scotland's 841,000 Catholics to unite as one voice
First Saturday Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Join in this incredible devotion and receive the graces necessary for salvation

A Family Never Forgets its Children - a real opportunity for post-abortive healing
We consider the biological process of fetal cell microchimerism which means a part of every child conceived will live on in his/her mother.
SCIAF are looking to make 2015 its best ever year for fundraising as the UK Governement promises to double all money raised from its Wee Box appeal
This feauture article considers the real dangers of gossip and why it has become a favourite topic of Pope Francis
The Scottish Catholic Education Service has produced a new poster on how young Catholic people should behave on the internet
Find out how you can support our campaign to inform our political representatives about our views on abortion
We consider the backlash from some 'elitist' Catholics and suggest we need to take care of the log in our own eye before we can criticise others
The Synod on the Family has published its initial considerations as it looks at the role of the Church in family life.
The annual pro-life Rosary, procession, and Mass is back in Glasgow and we need you to be there!
Spreading the Good News through the sacrament of Confession
Common Difficulties with Faith
We consider three of the most common problem areas for people and their faith.
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We look back at some of the faith infused moments of Brazil 2014 and consider the example being set by some of our top footballers
Pope apologises to abuse victims and confirms the Church needs to develop better policies for the protection of minors
Read this outstanding insight into the world's last remaining bastion of Catholicism.
Catholic Apologist Jimmy Akin tackles this common issue

Watch this interesting debate which took place in Australia last summer
A beautiful story of a little baby girl called Clodagh Treise
Parish of St Lucy's, Cumbernauld Shines on 40th Anniversary Celebration
Archbishop Tartaglia leads a night of great celebration in this parish of 'light'
We bring you Pope Francis' first ever Apostolic Exhortation and as usual we bring it in bite-size form! 
Find out what the Pope sees as a future evangelisation within the Church and what he thinks about issues such as abortion and women priests.
Each weekday we will give you a chunk of this fascinating text!
The Church is taking significant steps to help those in need and ensure that the wrongs of the past are never repeated
We often complain about our politicians but do we use the facilities available to us to communicate with them on important issues?  If not, it's about time we did!
The host turned to human flesh and the wine to human blood.  Read all about this incredible miracle here.
Do not miss this incredible event right here in Glasgow.  It is likely to change your life, for the better! 
Read our review of a phenomenally uplifting pro-life rosary, procession and Mass in the centre of Glasgow.
Glasgow is pro-life!
It's a difficult question for anyone to consider, especially in today's world where seeking perfection, including perfect health and wellbeing is the order of the day.  The Christian view, we find, is quite different.
Learn about the Rosary, including how to say it for October, the month of the Holy Rosary
The 2011 census reveals an increase of 37,000 Catholic people in Scotland over a ten year period
Father Joe McAuley is joined by Brother Miguel of Lisbon at a packed Mass for a most special occasion
Hear Gianna Jessen's incredible story in this passionate and moving video.  Irrespective of your stance on abortion, this is worth watching.
World Youth Day in Rio rocked!  Read our blogs following the events and check out some phenomenal quotes from Pope Francis
A true story of one man's journey of faith from Christianity to Buddhism (and Atheism) and back
Pope Francis reached out to 200 homeless people earlier this month, inviting them to dinner at the Vatican.  A story you are unlikely to read or hear of in the mainstream media.
A UK Commission set up to consider the abortion of babies with disabilities makes some alarming findings, including the 'steering' of parents towards abortion. The Commission has put forward significant recommendations as a result.
Pope Francis, with no little contribution from Pope Benedict XVI has released his first encyclical letter.  We break it down in this new feature in order to assist us in contemplating and understanding its message.
Sadly the headline is true.  Laws in Scotland, and indeed the UK, do more to protect baby birds than they do baby human beings.  We can no longer be silent.

We can give to charity and we can do great acts of kindness but will we go that bit further; are we prepared to touch the wounds of those around us who are in need?
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