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Jubilee Year of Mercy
from 8th December 2015
This year the Church is celebrating the Jubilee Year of Mercy, where each Diocese of the Catholic Church will ensure that at least one door shall remain open for the entire year.  This is a sign of God's mercy which comes to us through the Church in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
The doors of the Church are always open to everyone, but this year we Catholics must make a special point of reaching out to others, bringing to them the message of the loving and merciful Father.  We must take this message of love and mercy to all people and encourage them to explore the mercy that God is waiting to lavish on them. 
We are not Catholic because we think we are better than the rest or because we somehow think we are the chosen ones.  We are Catholic because we appreciate our weakness and sinfulness and realise that we need God's loving mercy.
Please do explore the possibilities in your Diocese in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, and if you haven't been to Confession for a long time why not have a quick read at our Guide to Confession

Here is a list of the Cathedrals and churches throughout Scotland which have an open 'Door of Mercy'...   
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